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Gluten Free isn't just a "fad"

Cooking for my gluten free clients has become much easier then it was 5 years ago. There are so many delicious gluten free products out on the market these days its hard which ones to choose.

Here I have listed some of my favorite brands.

SIETE is by far my favorite! I use the tortilla chips to create the best GF panko! | Siete Foods | Order Online, Free Shipping‎‎

SIMPLE MILLS: so many options, and the ingredients are all whole foods!

Food for Life:

Against the Grain: provides a rosemary and regular baguette that I use to make my meat balls heros for the gluten free familes I cook for. Turkey Spinach Zuchhini Meat ball Parms are located in my recipes.



Want your water to boil faster? Salt your water after it has begun to boil.



To keep your lettuce and herbs fresh for longer; buy plastic that can breathe. 



Cook in coconut oil, finish in cold pressed olive oil. 

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