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Private Dinner & Cocktail Parties

January 01, 2020

The ultimate luxury to have a local chef bring the land and sea to your table. Specializing in over 100 dietary theories, feeding the modern gluten free, dairy free, vegans wont be a problem. 

Design a custom menu with Chef Jackie McKay and let her run your party so you can enjoy your friends and family. Jackie also creates tasting menus paired with local wines and beer. Host an elegant cocktail party to show off your new home or art collection? She has an extensive small plate and hors d'oeuvres menu that will make your party talked about for years! 

Send Jackie an email to discuss your ideas!

Meal Planning & Provisioning

January 03, 2023

Preparing meals in advance is the key to being healthy. Organic, farm fresh meals delivered to you home or prepared in house. Chef Jackie's meal prep and provisioning is a very personal service, individulized to your family's health, lifestyle and schedule. 

Provisioning is a service that involves cleaning out your kitchen and pantry of unhealthy processed foods, and refined sugars and replacing them with heathy choices. Having healthy snacks to bring to work, the car or snack on the couch. 

Email Chef Jackie for questions and details.




Cooking Classes

February 23, 2023

Host a cooking class in your home and learn something new!

Open to everyone of all ages! Invite your girlfriends over, gather the family prep ingredients, cook and eat a healthy farm to table meal guided by Chef Jackie.


Kids Parties:

Have children that only eat chicken fingers, mac and cheese? Chef Jackie has a way with children and has had much success in getting kids to try new things! Even GREEN things! 


Catering & Staffing

May 28, 2023

Create a personalized farm fresh menu with Chef Jackie. Staffing, event planning and party rentals can all be handeled through McKay Kitchens. 


-farm to table custom menus

-talented chefs

-trained servers

-cleaning help


-beautiful table settings (with your own or rentals)

-flower arrangements

-lighting specialist


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