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Dairy Free Alternatives!

I have not poured myself a glass of milk since the documentary "fat sick and nearly dead' aired years ago.

I used to think I could never cook or live with out cheese. Thankfully for my clients there are so many dairy free cheese options these days. Be AWARE however, most of your go to dairy free options contain MSG and artificial flavoring!!

Here are some of my favorites...

TREELINE and MIYOKOS: is the ULTIMATE luxury for your vegan friends coming over for wine and "cheese"

FORAGER PROJECT: delicious clean yogurt alternative

OATLY and MILKADAMIA: simply the best tasting



Want your water to boil faster? Salt your water after it has begun to boil.



To keep your lettuce and herbs fresh for longer; buy plastic that can breathe. 



Cook in coconut oil, finish in cold pressed olive oil. 

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